Introducing Whop Dash 2.0

Whop Dash 2.0

Why Redesign?

One of the things we’ve always tried to do at Whop is build tools that are simple enough for anyone to use, yet flexible enough to work with the growing landscape of digital products and monetization models. Over the past year, we saw thousands of new companies join Whop, looking for new ways to create, manage, and grow their digital businesses. Discord tools, web apps, NFTs features, better affiliates, promo codes, ETH renewals, you name it!

What’s New

Whop Dash 2.0 is packed with killer new features that you can use — right out of the box — to take your digital business to the next level. Here are some highlights:

  • Experiences are the things your Passes unlock access to — Discord roles, software, content, and more!
  • Plans let you create multiple different ways for customers to pay for a single pass.
  • Stats & Insights gives you brand new stats to understand your growth and insights to take action.
  • Activity displays a live feed of important events happening with your business — from new members to upcoming cancelations.
  • NFT minting lets you mint NFTs and “gate” access to digital things with your NFTs.
  • Collabs let you partner with other companies on Whop (f*ck yeah!) to leverage their network of customers.


Put simply, a Pass (aka. ‘Access Pass’) is a digital membership. It’s what your customers buy to get access to your digital experiences.

Create a Pass


Experiences are the things your Pass unlocks access to. They are the reason why members buy your Pass.


Plans (aka. ‘Payment Plans’) are how customers pay for (or claim, if it’s free) your Pass. Instead of creating separate Passes for each of these different options (as you may have done with the old dashboard), Plans let you create just one Pass with multiple Plans to give access. Plans offer lots of new customizability in terms of how you charge customers and get paid — you can even use crypto payments on subscriptions!


Experiences are the things your Pass unlocks access to. The most popular experiences on Whop are Discord roles, software, and content. Now, all you need to do is create an experience once, and you can include it in as many different Passes as you want.

Stats & Insights

Understanding numbers is important to the success of any business—especially yours. Stats & Insights gives you a birds-eye-view of your company’s most vital numbers and metrics. We designed this page in hopes that you never need to use another dashboard to track your analytics.

Stas & Insights


Unlike Stats, which visualizes your growth over time, the Activity feed displays live updates about your business in real time. So you can take action on all the important milestones in your customers’ journeys—from new member sign-ups to upcoming cancelations.

NFT Minting

Your single place to manage an NFT project from pre-mint to long-term utility.

  • Host your NFT mint directly on Whop’s marketplace.
  • Use NFTs to gate access to your digital experiences.


Share your Passes with other companies on Whop so they can reward their members with your passes, and vice versa.

Get started today!

As of today, you can start using your new dashboard here. We hope you have as much fun using Whop Dash 2.0 as we did building it!

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