The Whop Hub Beta Walkthrough 🍰

The Whop Hub

The List View

If you’re a fan of lists over grids, this is your go-to. On the list view, it’ll look something like this:

The Grid View

In addition, there’s also a beautiful grid view.

Adding Your Bots

With this new flow, we tried to make adding bots a five-second process. Whether or not Whop supports this bot for rentals, all you need to do is select your bot, paste in the key, and it’s live in your hub!

Edit Details

With the number of bot keys an average user has, keeping track of your purchase prices, renewal dates, renewal amounts, Discord burners, and more has become very difficult. The edit details modal fixes that.

Manage Bot

Bot dashboards, key resets, and much more have never been managed in a central place. That changes today. For all bots partnered with Whop, you can automatically reset your key from this popup. Additionally, for all bots with an online dashboard, you’ll be able to click through to that instantly. You’ll also see the date you added the key and your license key.

Beta Overview

With this being a brand new concept, we need your help to take this to the next level. We’re actively looking for feedback and suggestions for new features to add to The Hub.



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