Weekly Digest May 23–29

Let’s dive in to this week’s news…

Verizon Database Breach & Ransom

A hacker gained access to one of Verizon’s internal databases containing employees’ data: email addresses, full names, and phone numbers. The hacker is threatening to release the data unless Verizon pays a $250,000 ransom. Like many recent cyber attacks, the hacker used social engineering to get access to the database.

VMware Acquisition

Broadcom, an American semiconductor manufacturer, has acquired VMware in a $61 billion cash + stock deal. VMware is best known for its cloud computing services and virtualization software which allows users to run multiple operating systems in parallel on one computer. With this acquisition, Broadcom is expanding its business into the software sector.

NFL Streaming Service

NFL Plus, a new streaming service focused on professional football, is set to launch this July. The service, costing $5 per month, will offer access to live games and bonus content such as podcasts, commentaries, and team-created posts.

Amazon Physical Clothing Store

Despite being an online marketplace, Amazon also has a handful of physical book and convenience store locations. Now, Amazon is entering the retail clothing market. This past Wednesday the company’s first clothing store opened in Glendale, California; it features popular brands such as Lacoste and Calvin Klien. Items are tagged with QR codes that can be scanned in the Amazon app to view sizing, pricing, and colors. Shoppers can add items to a virtual basket, which helps augment the try-on and checkout experiences.

TikTok Live Subscriptions

Following the lead of other platforms — Youtube, Twitch, and Instagram — TikTok is now letting creators offer paid content subscriptions to their users. A select number of creators have been invited to participate in the beta, where they can offer subscriptions to their fans for bonus content and exclusive experiences. Benefits for subscribers range from badges in the comment section to camera control on live streams.

A Ma Maniere Jordan 2

Sneaker boutique A Ma Maniere returns with another collaboration with the Jordan brand. This Jordan 2 features a luxurious design, with a white, brown, and black color palette. The pair is set for a release on amamaneire.com for June 1st, with a Nike SNKRS release to follow shortly after. Pairs are currently reselling for $250+ on StockX.

Fun fact: NFL players weren’t required to wear helmets until 1943.



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