Whop Digest Nov 15–21

This month has flown by fast. Thanksgiving is upon us, hopefully with some delicious pies and turkey if you celebrate. Let’s dive into this week’s highlights.

Black Friday deals

Many American consumers are accustomed to the famous holiday in-its-own Black Friday shopping event. This year, retailers prepared with a slew of deals on electronics, household appliances, and toys. Many brands have decided to start their sales very early, with Walmart launching its deals at 7 PM ET on Monday and Amazon running their deals since last week. Part of the reasoning is to reduce crowds in stores and encourage online orders to subdue pandemic-related concerns and potential violence. Hopefully, you can snag a good deal on an Apple Watch, TV, blender, crockpot, or something else.

Scout acquisition

The popular inventory management platform announced its acquisition by StockX last Wednesday. Around a year ago, StockX forced Scout to remove their selling integration for users, but now it will be brought back with even more features in light of the change of ownership. Additionally, the platform will now be free to use for StockX sellers, including all previously paid features. We are eager to see the changes to the tool and how it will better support resellers across the industry. Congrats to fellow active members of our community Truman, Shrey, and Anton on the acquisition!

Buying the Constitution

On Thursday, a first edition copy of the US Constitution was sold at auction for $43.2 million. The winning bid went to Kenneth Griffin, a hedge-fund billionaire. Just short of the winning bid was a collective group, who called themselves the ConsitutionDAO (decentralized autonomous organization). The fund was a collective action among 17,437 different crypto donors, each with a median donation size of $206.26. A successful purchase would have been a historic achievement for a decentralized, crowdfunded acquisition of a physical object through crypto. To this date, it holds the record for most money crowdfunded in less than 72 hours. I doubt it will be long before a similar project is back in action.

New EV tax incentives

As a part of the infrastructure bill passed under the Biden administration on Friday, consumers will now have access to a new federal tax credit of up to $12,500 per electric vehicle. The new credit is an effort to increase electric vehicle adoption among US consumers to mitigate the effects of climate change long term. The president wants half of all car sales in the United States to be electric vehicles by 2030, which is an ambitious goal. Interesting to note is that this tax credit will be refundable, unlike previous ones, which means you can get cash in your pocket regardless of how much you owe in taxes to the federal government.


Fans will now have an opportunity to digitally secure a part of their game experiences on the blockchain. After select games, fans who purchased their tickets via Ticketmaster will have the option to claim a virtual commemorative ticket NFT through a link sent to their email. The next opportunity to grab one of these NFTs is by attending the Bears and Lions game on Thanksgiving day. The NFL also plans to create NFTs that can be purchased outside of game attendance, offering people more opportunities to engage with their favorite club. They plan to partner with NBA Top Shot operator Dapper Labs very soon.

Patta Air Max 1

The dutch streetwear and sneaker boutique located in Amsterdam is releasing another iteration of the Air Max 1. This fresh colorway named Rush Maroon hits the Nike SNKRS app on Wednesday, the 24th. Prices for all sizes are hovering around $250 on StockX, so a solid profit margin is obtainable on these kicks. Prices are expected to remain reasonably stable. The 35th anniversary of the Air Max 1 model is coming up on March 26th, so the timing for this hot release is just about right.

This holiday week is jam-packed with releases. From panda Dunks to Bape Adidas Superstars to a Yeezy 500 utility black restock, there is going to be a lot to juggle. Good luck!



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