Whop Digest Nov 8–14

Judging by the amount of times we have already heard Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” its finally the start of the holiday season. Nonetheless, sneakers and resell are still in full swing.

Dakoza clears its name

After some rumors went around on Twitter that the popular retail bot was logging user browser data and keystrokes, the company published a 16 tweet thread explaining themselves. In short, the program monitors system processes on a machine in order to detect cracking software or proxy tools. A chrome tab of a Google search mentioning such a software (not the actual software) appeared in the system process list and consequently triggered an action to terminate the user’s software. Other developers confirmed their statements, and some even implement the same practice themselves to protect their software. Nonetheless, Dakoza is still 100% legitimate.

Console production: swing and a miss

While it is not news that the popular console is hard to come by these days, the situation has now been confirmed to be worse than meets the eye. Sony now only expects to produce 15 million consoles in 2021, a one million unit reduction from their target goal of 16 million devices. While many were expecting plenty of supply in time for Black Friday or Christmas shopping, it looks like the opposite will be the case. According to Sony, the electronic manufacturer has sold ~13.3 million consoles through September 30th, which speaks volumes to the unprecedented level of demand for this electronic. The PS5 Disc edition is going for ~$820 on StockX.

A fairytale for sneakerheads?

As a part of Disney+’s 2nd-anniversary celebration, the streaming service released a handful of trailers and sneak peeks of upcoming content. A wild surprise to many was the announcement of Sneakerella, a movie based on the original Cinderella fairytale but centered around hype sneakers. Many people across the board were disappointed in the announcement, some pointing out that the shoes in the trailer weren’t even that cool. Will you be giving this movie a watch when it comes out, or will you try to erase its existence from your memory?

Bitcoin upgrade

This weekend Bitcoin will be getting one of its most significant updates in a few years, referred to as Taproot. The change will introduce Schnorr signatures, which will make transactions more efficient, more secure, and less expensive. It will also open the doors for potential smart contract implementations, similar to what the Etherum blockchain already uses for applications such as NFTs. Ideally, Taproot will allow Bitcoin to have more functionality and broader use cases across the crypto space. The upgrade is expected to have little to no effect on the coin’s price.

Rivian goes public

Last Wednesday, the new electric vehicle manufacturer went public on the NASDAQ, with stock prices up ~20% in less than a week. Rivian has just started rolling out its R1T, an electric pickup truck designed as an “adventure” vehicle. The machine boasts 0–60 mph acceleration in as little as 3 seconds, 314 miles of range, and a starting price of $67,500. While still very new and lots of work ahead from them to capture market share, they have been touted as the potential Tesla competitor. Many legacy OEMs such as Ford and General Motors have struggled to succeed in the EV race, so it may be an underdog like Rivian that takes the lead.

A Ma Maniere AJ1 confirmed

The U.S. luxury apparel retailer has confirmed the release of its collaboration with Jordan brand for an Air Jordan 1 Retro High for November 24th. Nike has had a history of collaborations with A Ma Maniere, most notably the limited Air Force 1 High Hand Wash Cold and Air Force 1 Low released in 2019. Pre-launch prices are hovering at $800+ on StockX, which signals that this pair will be difficult to grab. An online release for their website is set for 11 AM, but it is unknown whether SNKRS will be getting units as well.

Up next is a mix of everything. With a Dunk Low release set for Wednesday and a Yeezy 500 on Saturday, there will be a variety of opportunities for profits.




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