Whop Digest Week of Dec 20-26

4 min readJan 1, 2022


Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good… Monday? Let’s dive into this holiday week’s spiciest news and events.

TikTok takeover

While 2019 and 2020 were undoubtedly instrumental in the social media apps growth, 2021 might have been the icing on the cake. According to Cloudflare (web infrastructure and security powerhouse), TikTok was the world’s most-visited internet site for the year, even beating out Google. Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon were just behind Google. TikTok’s success has been primarily attributed to its advanced content recommendation algorithms, which keep its over one billion monthly active users engaged with the platform. At the current rate, TikTok will have an even more significant internet presence in 2022.

Spike in canceled flights

Along with the holiday season comes an influx of consumers traveling via aircraft back home or to vacation destinations to see their loved ones. Airlines canceled over 5,700 flights globally during Christmas weekend, with around 1,000 flights being domestic. Most airlines are crediting the spike in C0VID cases due to the Omicron variant as the main factor in these operational deficiencies. Airline pilots and flight attendants are calling out sick or have been exposed to the virus, leaving flight crews short-staffed. Expect cancellations to continue through the new year, so be prepared and patient if you are flying in the next few weeks.

Yeezy “Dazzling Blue”

The Yeezy brand is still going strong as we head into the new year. A few models slated for 2022 releases have already leaked. Taking inspiration from the 350 breds and the 350 beluga 2.0s, this unique blue and black colorway is a flash from the past. The classic and mysterious SPLY-350 branding on the primeknit upper and the blue speckles throughout the shoe give it a refreshing taste. While no exact date is confirmed, expect an early spring release for the pair. The pair is not yet listed on app marketplaces.

Fan token trouble

Earlier this summer, the famous Arsenal FC released the $AFC token. The token was designed to promote club loyalty and brand recognition. In addition, token holders could vote on the outcome of certain decisions made by the club. However, amid controversy, the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority ruled on Wednesday to remove two web advertisements promoting the token. The regulatory agency concluded that the advertisements failed to disclose the volatility and financial risk associated with the asset. The official site now features a clear disclosure and will likely set a precedent for future advertising campaigns regarding crypto (or crypto-related) assets.

Ex Shopify CTO talks sneakers and tech

As much of the sneaker community already know, ​​Jean-Michel Lemieux was the CTO at Shopify from 2015 until his departure from the company in mid-2021. Lemieux consistently interacted with the sneaker and botting community on Twitter as a method of collecting ​​reconnaissance to improve Shopify’s anti-bot features, as well as exploring his own curiosity with the space. In an hour-long interview posted on Christmas eve, Keith Adam (a popular sneaker influencer) goes into depth with Lemieux on everything from his start in programming to the importance of cybersecurity. If you have the time, it’s definitely worth the listen.

Xbox price plummet

The next-gen console yielded lucrative secondary market profits throughout the end of October and all of November for resellers. In early November, the Series X was selling for as high as $800 on StockX with plenty of volume. However, it appears demand has started to dip as the Christmas season comes to an end. At the time of writing, the console is selling for ~$630 on StockX, at almost a 20% decrease from only a month prior. Bulk buyers have also cut down their Xbox purchases, some only offering $20 to $30 over the retail price. We’ll have to see if the market picks up again as we head into the new year or if this period marks a dry spell for the console resale market.

The post-holiday week should have a few console and miscellaneous restocks as retailers clear their inventory before the new year. Also, watch out for the Jordan 1 Patent Bred.




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